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Up to 8 alarms per day - 8 storage compartments
Tab Time Super 8 is one of the most effective and efficient daily pill timer and medication reminder on the world market.
TabTime Super 8 - Set it and forget it!

  • 8 Pill compartment design with up-to 8 alarms per day
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Can be set at exact times when reminders are due
  • Countdown timer can be used for regular doses (up to 99 hours 59 mins)
  • Alarm sounds for 40 seconds when reminder time arrives
  • LED light on lid continues to flash until opened indicating 'missed dose'
  • Trigger switch stops alarm/flashing once device is opened to take pills
  • Easy open magnetic catch for weak or shaky hands
  • Adjustable 'Hi/Lo' Volume (Volume level approx 45-55db)
  • 3 extra large control buttons
  • Large display screen with clear figures
  • 3 bar battery strength indicator
  • Easy access battery compartment for easy replacement
  • Clock with 24 hour display function (military style)
  • 1 x "CR2032" Size battery included
  • Unit Dimensions: 110 X 60 X 30 mm
  • Compartment Dimensions : 25 x 25 x 13mm
  • Made in China

  • ** PLEASE NOTE: If using a Deep Brain Stimulator (DBS), Pacemaker, or Defibrillator,  the magnet in this product could interfere with the effectiveness of the device. To avoid interference ensure that the magnet in this product does not come into close contact with the battery or components of the; stimulator, pacemaker, defibrillator, or any similar device.

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TabTimer has helped me enormously in the management of my medication. I take Parkinson's tablets every 2 hours and this is a wonderful device to remind me, so I keep well.
Wendy, Breakfast Point, NSW
(Purchased TabTime Super 8 - TTS8-1)


I purchased a Tab Time Super 8 when I was placed on a daily medication. It has helped me considerably by being able to accommodate 8 days supply of tablets and not have to worry about when I should take the tablets. I suppose a watch with an alarm would do the same job but the tab times is easier to monitor and handle. I placed stickers on each lid, indicating each day of the week, which also helps with tracking and ensuring I have not missed a days round of tablets. The tab time super 8 is very compact and easy to slip into your pocket. The instructions were easy to follow and I highly recommend this product to anyone. The only criticism I have is the tab time super 8 only comes in dark blue.
Mr Greg Parrott, Sydney, NSW
(Purchased TabTime Super 8 - TTS8-1)


We have found the Tab Time Super 8 an excellent method of controlling my husband's Parkinson's and pain relief medications.
Marion, Mirboo North, VIC
(Purchased TabTime Super 8 - TTS8-1)


I used to forget to take my epilepsy medication all the time, resulting in seizures every time. I tried so many ways to remind myself each day but the medication causes memory loss and most avenues failed. My specialist suggested Tab Timer to me so I googled them and now I own a Tab Timer, I haven’t forgotten to take them since. Look out drivers license here I come!!
(Purchased TabTime Super 8 - TTS8-1)


I purchased TabTimer 8. This product has made it possible for me to follow a health enhancing procotol that requires pills to be taken every 3 hours round the clock. It is a perfect device for this purpose. I ended up purchasing two of them because I was afraid I might lose one. But so far after 6 months I have not needed to use the second one. Because I am not very clever with technical things I had a little trouble at the begining setting it and even though the directions were clear I did wish there was a video showing how to do it. But after that it was so easy. And it's so easy to reset and turn off the times, and then turn them back on again; it remembers your previous time settings. I love it and wish to thank the inventer.
(Purchased TabTime Super 8 - TTS8-1)


My daughter was diagnosed to have lipoma in her brain when she was 8 years old. Since then she was taking medication twice a day. I never had any problems with her schedule of taking the medication then, and the seizure was taken under control. However, now that she’s already studying in the University, taking up Civil Engineering, her schedule had been too hectic and her subjects are too difficult that sometimes she won’t sleep in the night and sometimes even forget to eat her lunch. She also started missing some doses of her tablet. Last year, she had attacks during the night while sleeping. I had to watch her during the nights in case she would have another seizure. The doctor added another medicine, which she should take after her lunch. And she was reminded that she could not afford to miss her 3 doses of medicine every day. Since I could not be beside her to remind her with the medicine, I decided to inquire about the TABTIMER. It does not only hold her medicine, it also reminds her to take the medicine on-time. Even when she’s inside the classroom, during her class, when the TabTimer alarms, her professor lets her take the medicine; unlike when it is just simply an alarm from her cellphone. Furthermore, every night I could also check the TABTIMER medicine dispenser if she has taken all her medicine for the day. Now, I have no worries about her, missing the medicine. She never had seizure attacks since then. Thanks a lot to my sister in Sydney, who gave her the TABTIMER medicine dispenser. It really helped us a lot.
Michaela, LANE COVE, NSW
(Purchased TabTime Super 8 - TTS8-1)

"Thank you for the TABTIME SUPER 8 and saving my wife's sanity. It is the most useful aid for Parkinson's sufferer's, and fulfils all our needs. I highly recommend it to anyone who is on lot of drugs and needs a medication control. I cannot praise it enough." Cyril Moyle UK

"The Tabtime Super 8 has completely changed my life, not only do I feel better because I am taking my tablets on time, but I feel less stressed because the tabtime does my thinking for me. I have to take tablets during the night as well, and I can now sleep easier knowing the alarm will wake me up. No more clock watching for me"... Marlene Yardley, Trafford Branch, Parkinson's UK

"Thank You, I find that the Tab time Super 8 Timer pill Box is an excellent product. Parkinson sufferers need to take medicines on time and with six lots a day this is a good reminder" George Lang Secretary of Thurrock Parkinson's Support Group





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