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TabTimer™ is an Australian Company dedicated to supplying devices to help people and their carers keep medicines, nutrition, hydration, toileting and regular personal care tasks on-time using assistive technology and assisted listening reminder devices.

Since 2009 TabTimer has been supplying reminder devices for people with many diverse needs and today has over 100 different reminder products and accessories.

TabTimer supplies; timers, electronic pill boxes, automated pill dispensers, medical watches, vibrating watches & clocks, talking watches & talking clocks, memory aids, door bell signallers, alerting devices and accessories, all designed to help people remember important medicines, personal care tasks, or to assist with general daily living requirements.

The products are used by the aged and people with disabilities, people with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s & dementia, diabetes, epilepsy, heart disease, blood pressure, depression & mental health, hearing impairment or deafness, intellectually or cognitively impaired, chronic pain sufferers, people living with chronic illnesses or diseases, as well as people that need a general wake up or reminder prompt. We also have products on contract with DVA - Department of Veterans' Affairs (Rehabilitation Appliances Program) and we are a supplier for the NDIS - National Disability Insurance Scheme under Consumables, Assistive Technology, Daily Living Aids, or Daily Adaptive Equipment.

Suggested for a variety of uses; from medicine reminders, nutrition, hydration, behaviour management, and sleep disorders, to toileting reminders and general time management, TabTimer products are suitable for all ages, from children to the elderly, and are cost effective solutions,


TabTimer™ supplies a handy range of quality, innovative and affordable reminder or alerting devices which can be easily set to alarm when medicines or other personal tasks are due – serving as a handy reminder to help patients, their relatives, carers or nursing staff to achieve medication compliance or remember that easy forgotten personal care task.

Large displays and controls make it easy for the elderly, disabled, cognitively impaired or vision impaired person to read and operate.

A selection of TabTimer’s devices can also be set to flash or vibrate only - making the process of remembering to take medicines or perform daily living tasks discrete and timely.


Tab Timer supplies medication reminder devices; TimersElectronic Pill BoxesPill RemindersAutomatic Pill DispensersPill TimersMedical watchesReminder watchesVibrating Watches and Vibrating Clocks (Bed Shakers) to help keep medications on time at tab time.

TabTimer products can be used as reminders for taking regular medications or vitamins at tab time, as well as a reminder for any regular task. Tab Timer reminders are particularly useful for people on strict medication schedules for use as a pill timer or pill reminder.



Uses for TabTimer Medication Reminder Devices

People living with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Epilepsy, Diabetes, Schizophrenia, Deaf and hard of hearing, Contraceptive Pill Management, Enuresis, nutritional requirements, vitamin reminder or other conditions that require timely administration of pills, tablets, vitamins and medications - find that using a medication reminderpill reminderpill timerpill dispenservibrating watch, or vibrating bed shaker clock - helps in their administration and organisation of medication and regular tasks.

Medication reminders, a pill timer, a vibrating watch or a vibrating clock can also be used as; a continence aid to reduce bed wetting, as a contraceptive pill reminder, pill dispenser, or as a pet medication reminder.



TabTimer makes medication administration simpler

Some medications require administration half hourly, hourly, two hourly, or daily and so on. Subsequently, it is often difficult for patients, their relatives, or carers to remember to take their vitamins or medications on time at tab time.

TabTimer medication reminders can be used stand alone, or could be the perfect accompaniment to webster-pak or other pharmacy provided blister packaged medications. Pre-packaged medications are useful for medication compliance but unless the patient remembers to take the medications at tab time then they are ineffective. That is where a medication reminder, vibrating watchvibrating bed shaker clock, pill reminder, pill timer, or pill dispenser comes in use at tab time.


What is a medication reminder device?

Medication reminder devices - a pill reminder, pill dispenser or pill timer in their simplest form consist of a pill box or vibrating watch with a timer and multiple alarm incorporated. They aid the process by reminding people and their carers to administer medications, tablets, pills and vitamins, or complete regular tasks on time.

When it comes to tab time our assortment of assistive technology and medication reminder can help you achieve medication compliance.


What does the TabTimer range include?

TabTimer supplies; pill reminders, automated pill dispensers, medication organisers, pill boxes, pill dispensers, daily programmable electronic medication reminder, vibrating watchvibrating bed shaker clocks, men's alarm watch, women's alarm watch.

Various styles of medication reminder are available including daily alarms, multiple alarms per day, pill timer, pill dispenser, countdown pill timer, single or various pill compartments, vibrating watch alarms, mens watch alarm and ladies alarm watch.

The various options will appeal to people depending on the regularity of their medication regime.

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