Our Journey

Our Journey

Jonathan AllottThe TabTimer Journey 

TabTimer Pty Ltd was founded in 2009 after realising there was a need for medication reminders in Australia - to help many people remember their medicines and jog their memory for many other regular tasks. TabTimer's chief time keeper is Jonathan Allott.

In 2006 Jonathan's parents and family struggled to keep his mothers Parkinson's medicines on time due to the regularity and complexity of the medication regime.

Parkinson's medicines have to be taken at the prescribed time to maintain a consistent level of dopamine in the brain. If medicines are not administered on time the ability to manage symptoms may be lost, symptoms can become uncontrollable and patients can become very ill.

Search and find
Jonathan searched high and low for a pill box with a timer and alarm to assist his parents. After visiting countless pharmacies and searching online, Jonathan couldn't find such a device in the local market. He eventually found that he had to buy a medication reminder device from the USA, paying for exchange rates, delivery charges and time delays.

The medication device worked well for his parents - they were relieved of the task of remembering to take medicines, because the medication reminder did the remembering. All was going well until one day the medication reminder was lost. Jonathan once again searched high and low for a replacement and, as he was still unable to find a timer in Australia, once again he had to purchase the item from the USA.

Since then Jonathan has witnessed the difficulties other families face in administering medicines on time, and has seen that even hospital staff and nursing staff in aged care facilities struggle in delivering medicines on time, particularly if the medication routine falls outside of the normal rounds.

Therefore, In 2009 TabTimer was established as a company dedicated to medication reminders and help countless people manage their routines and their health more effectively... and so TabTimer Pty Ltd was formed.

Since forming the company, Jonathan has found that there are a few other suppliers of medication reminders in Australia. However, TabTimer believes that it has the largest range and variety of medication reminders available in Australia today and offers exemplary customer service and support.

TabTimer has a variety of customers of all ages and professions - from children with disabilities, epilepsy and bowel complications, to seniors with Parkinson's , Alzheimer's, Diabetes and other health issues. Our customers encompass pilots, ambulance officers, aged care workers, doctors, nurses and occupational therapists, just to name a few.

Combined with exceptional caring customer service and understanding, TabTimer should be your number one company to help you keep your medications on time.

If you have any questions regarding TabTimer or our products, please do not hesitate to call us.

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