ARATA AT Funding Map

ARATA AT Funding Map

Australian Rehabilitation & Assistive Technology Association, of which TabTimer is a member,  has published an Assistive Technology Funding Map.

AT (Assistive Technology) can be purchased on the open market in Australia, but there are also a range of government and non-government funding schemes that assist people to access assistive technologies. 

Schemes typically have guidelines outlining eligibility requirements ie region, age, disability type, and how to access the scheme, the supports provided and any funding limitations.

Some schemes fund very specific supports and may not fund mainstream (universally designed) products despite the possible benefits for the AT user. It is always advisable to check your local options and raise any questions or concerns directly with the funding scheme.

The AT Funding Map has been developed to identify the different funding schemes in Australia.

You can view the map on their website at ;