VibraLITE 8

VibraLITE 8


ALL VibraLITE 8 WATCHES have the features below

These VibraLITE vibrating watches are especially suitable for the deaf,
hard of hearing, people with hearing or vision impaired needs, and the blind.

Vibration, Audible or Both

  • Securely set in a separate “OPTION MODE"
  • Text on display shows what option is set

8 Daily Alarm Settings - Preset for variable reminders


  • Examples:
    7:00 am - wake up
    7:30 am - first daily medication
    8:20 am - time to leave for work
    10:30 am - daily medication due
    1:30 pm - daily medication due
    3:30 pm - daily medication due
    5:00 pm - start dinner
    6:30 pm - daily medication due
  • 20 second duration alarm with auto off or can be turned off by pushing any button


Countdown Timer with Auto Repeat Option

  • For ongoing preset interval timing
  • Automatically repeats preset time each time countdown reaches zero when set for repeat
  • Examples: every 2 hours for regular timed medication or every 30 minutes for exercise routines
  • Every 4 hours for food or medications or every 20 minutes for position changes or every 45 seconds to perform a task
  • Counts down in hours, minutes and seconds– up to 23 hours and 59 minutes and 59 seconds
  • 5 second duration alarm
  • Quick reset feature if interruption needed
  • One button hold for 3 seconds returns countdown to preset time
  • Records number of repeats (up to 99, then restarts at 0)
  • Reminder(s) before zero optional - One second reminders at 5 and 10 minutes before zero can be set ON or OFF
  • Please note: excessive use of vibration feature does reduce battery lifetime

3 Time Zones

  • Set one for home location, one for travelling to location and one for alternate location time
  • Minutes as well as hours can be set for each zone

EL Back Light

  • Stays on while any button is being pushed making it easier to set in the dark

Hourly Alert Option

  • Short reminder (1 second) every hour on the hour

Text Prompts

  • Assist in setting and confirmation of settings

Large Digits(9.6mm H X 3.87mm W)

  • Makes for easy reading

12 or 24 Hour Clock Choice

  • Use am/pm or 24 hour clock




  • Made in China

  • Download Quick Reference Guide for TTW-VL8A

    Download Manual for TTW-VL8A


    My Tab Timer Watch has meant that I don't miss my medication when I am concentrating on other things. It gives me peace of mind!
    Betty, Dubbo, NSW
    (Purchased VibraLITE 8 Watch)


    I use my Tab Timer watch every day and at least 3 times a day. It is great for not missing work appointments when the day is flying past me and it is great that it doesn't annoy other people. I also use it for presentations so that I know when to start wrapping up the show. All in all it is one of my favourite watches I have ever owned.
    Brett, Albany Creek, Qld
    (Purchased VibraLITE 8 Watch)


    I am very happy with my Tab Timer. It always buzzes and vibrates to advise me that it is time to take my two-hourly medication. In the past I often forgot to take my medication, but with TabTimer the reminder keeps me on track!
    Chris, FINLEY, NSW
    (Purchased VibraLITE 8 Watch)


    Excellent service both with purchase and then back up service when needed.
    Dianne Harris, Loxton North, SA
    (Purchased VibraLITE 8 Watch)


    My primary school aged son uses a TabTimer to remind him when to change his colostomy bag at school, it takes the pressure off the teachers to remind him and relieves him of the stress of remembering. I love that the vibrate alert is not audible to others and just a quiet reminder on his wrist and off he goes, so there are no embarrassing leaks because he has gotten sidetracked playing with his mates and his bag has gotten over full.
    Jenni, LADY SMITH, NSW
    (Purchased VibraLITE 8 Watch)


    I am a type 2 Diabetic but recently placed on insulin. The Vibralite8 watch and alarm that vibrates always attracts my attention to test times and medication time. As I have had a big Heart Attack also which took my short term memory, the alarm watch has been a boon and adjunct to my keeping fit and medicated.
    Mr Antoine, The Gap, Queensland
    (Purchased VibraLITE 8 Watch)


    The watch with the vibration option helped my hearing impaired client to take his Parkinson’s medication on time and therefore improve the quality of his life.
    Martina, Koo Wee Rup, VIC
    (Purchased VibraLITE 8 Watch)


    I went to every watch shop in Perth. They had never even heard of vibrating alarm watch. I went to Google and lo and behold TabTimer appeared with a really comprehensive selection of Vibrating Alarm watches. Bought one with 2 alarms, it worked. Bought another one with 8 alarms. I use them all. Good useful product for a change.
    Paul Bergin, PERTH, WA
    (Purchased VibraLITE 3 watch and VibraLITE 8 watch)


    TabTimer has made it much easier for me to ensure that my dosage is always taken at the correct time interval, thus not burdening me with having to think when my next dose is due.
    Peter, BLACK ROCK, VIC
    (Purchased VibraLITE 8 Watch)


    My husband has had Parkinsons Disease for 15 years and it has been a useful tool for him to maintain a little independence, which maintains a little of his self esteem
    Rosemary Roberts, AVALON, NSW
    (Purchased VibraLITE 8 Watch)




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