Pill Box Reminder - TabTimer TT4-3

Pill Box Reminder - TabTimer TT4-3

Product no.: TT4-3

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Fantastic for ADHD!
from Mary on 23/12/2018
I have ADHD and need to take my medicine three times a day. Normally, I forget to take it at mid-day and around 4 pm, and as a result, my work performance suffers. My doctor recommended TabTimer, and it has done wonders for me! It's much better than setting an alarm on my phone, because I can turn that off without actually taking my medicine. Having the alarm attached to the medicine case ensures that I will take my medicine when needed. My productivity has increased a great deal since using TabTimer. I highly recommend it!
Absolutely Perfect!!!
from Anonymous on 20/02/2018
I have not missed a single tablet since I got the TabTimer! I used to rely on my phone alarms but I would always dismiss them with the intent of taking my tablets later but I would always forget. The TabTimer has been an absolute life saver!!
A quality product that is very reliable.
from Anonymous on 10/03/2017
My husband has used this product for some years and is very happy with it. It fits easily into pockets and the beeper is loud enough for him to hear.
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