Pill Box Reminder - TabTimer TT4-3

Pill Box Reminder - TabTimer TT4-3

Product no.: TT4-3

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Up to 4 alarms per day - 3 storage compartments
Pocket sized case, good for carrying with you

  • Up-to 4 alarms per day
  • 3 compartments for storing different medications
  • Easy to set and use
  • When due, alarms sounds 3 times then every minute until stop pressed
  • 24 hour clock (military style)
  • LCD display
  • Volume level approx 45-50db
  • 1 x "LR44" size battery included
  • FDA grade polypropylene
  • Unit Dimensions: 120 X 45 X 23mm
  • Each compartment is approx. 40mm x 25mm x 20mm
    (large enough for approx. 8-10 large vitamin tablets)
  • 12 Month Limited Warranty by product source (excludes battery)
  • Made in Taiwan


  • NOTE: This is a basic and cost effective reminder for people without hearing impairment or hearing aids.
    Other reminder devices are available from TabTimer for people with hearing impairment.


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I have found, that with my busy lifestyle, it was easy to forget to take my medication. I have Parkinsons and it is most important that the tablets are taken on time. Now as soon as the Tab Timer alarms rings, I take my medication at the correct times. Its been a great help.
Andrew Suggett, Warrnambool, Victoria
(Purchased Pill Box Reminder - TT4-3)


I have been using TabTimer now for about 6 months. I don't have to worry about being late taking my medication which is critical with Parkinsons. I would recommend it .
Cheryl Brown, SAN REMO, NSW
(Purchased Pill Box Reminder - TT4-3)


I have found that the use of a Tab Timer has ensured that I take medication on time, and removed the anxiety about forgetting to take tablets. I found the small Tab Timer especially useful whilst travelling and out of a normal routine.
(Purchased Anywhere mini p-Clock Reminder - TT4-0RND and Pill Box Reminder - TT4-3)


Purchasing these products for my father has given him freedom from the stress of remembering when his medications are due. It returns a measure of control and privacy which he was losing as he ages.
Lee, Missabotti, NSW
(Purchased Pill Box Reminder - TT4-3)


I have found having my tab time programmed with the time I am to take my medication, extremely reassuring. It is small enough to have in my handbag all the time so, as I am often travelling, I never forget my pills.
Margaret, Mandurah, Western Australia
(Purchased Pill Box Reminder - TT4-3)


I am very happy with the tab timer product and the back up service provided by the company. Without the tab timer I would forget to take my medication on time which is very important as it is a slow release tablet and the timer is audible when carried in my pocket or handbag.
(Purchased Pill Box Reminder - TT4-3)


I have to take a cocktail of medicines each day for 2 illnesses that I am currently managing. Since the tablets have to be taken at the same time every day, TabTimer is my best friend, I take it with me every time I go out.
Mary, Loftus, NSW
(Purchased Pill Box Reminder - TT4-3)


As a newly diagnosed Parkinson’s disease sufferer, I was told it was vital to take my tablets at 4 hourly intervals. I was very concerned I would forget to take my medication at the specified time. Purchasing the TabTimer has alleviated those worries, even when I forget the TabTimer alerts me, which does occur if you’re busy or concentrating on other things. It has made taking the prescribed medication worry free.
Ron, Keilor East, Victoria
(Purchased Pill Box Reminder - TT4-3)


 Aldi countdown pill timer alarm clock

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LR44 Battery x2 LR44 Battery x2
ChillMED MicroCooler -TT-CM-MC -Diabetic Insulin Vial Case ChillMED MicroCooler -TT-CM-MC -Diabetic Insulin Vial Case
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