These products are assistive listening devices, especially suitable for the deaf, hearing impaired, and hard of hearing.

Vibrating Reminder watches are a convenient and handy way to remember
when regular medications or any scheduled tasks are due and other products have a flashing light.

VibraLITE watches allow for up to either 2, 8, or 12 alarms per day
depending on the model chosen.

The vibrating function can be used with the audible alarm or independently on their own.
Alarms can be set to sound or vibrate only at tab time making the process of
remembering discreet and timely, helping to achieve medication compliance.

A vibrating watch can be used as a reminder for a variety of tasks;
to wake the deaf from sleep or remind them as required, for medication reminder, nutritional reminder,
continence issues, toilet training, bowel management, Enuresis alarm, time management, examination timing,
autism, behaviour management, weight control, dieting, meditation, in noisy environments,
travelling, behaviour modification, diabetes, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer's, awake the deaf for shift work etc

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Product no.: TTW-WM3-FLEX

Up to 30 Daily Alarm Settings 
Stainless Steel Flexi Stretch Band
Fits wrist sizes 18cm to 22cm

Currently in stock dispatch 24-48 hours

Product no.: TTS8-8TB

Up to 8 alarms per day - 8 storage compartments
One of the most effective and efficient daily timers
TabTime Super 8 - Set it and forget it!



Currently in stock dispatch 24-48 hours

Product no.: MPPL-ERTXSET

Currently in stock dispatch 24-48 hours

Product no.: MPPL-ERTX

Splash Proof alert transmitter easy press button use with MPPL-PAGER (purchased separately)

Help call a nearby carer via wireless technology


Currently in stock dispatch 24-48 hours

31 - 34 of 34 results