DVA - Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP)

DVA - Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP)

If you are a veteran who is eligible for support from the Department of Veterans’ Affairs and hold a gold or white card, you may be able to claim one of our products under the Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP). Our DVA Supplier Number is ; S0028918 .

To access DVA funding, you will need to speak to your Local Medical Officer, GP, RN, or health professional (e.g. an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or Medical Specialist) to establish if you are eligible and have them complete the necessary applications.


TabTimer Products on DVA Contract

The following products are now on contract with DVA and available via the main suppliers listed below.  

Local Medical Officers, GPs, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, Registered Nurses, or Medical Specialists can order the following products from the suppliers' websites as shown in the table below.

If you need another product, this is possible but is obtained via a Prior Approval from DVA, using a Direct Order Form.  Additional details on that process are also shown below. 


BF06 Medication Timers / Alerts
Product Model Image Allianz Aidacare Bright Sky Country Care
Automated Pill Dispenser TT6-28 4-28-PILLS Order Now Order Now Order Now
Reminding Clock TT4-0SQ TT4-0SQ_lge2-RGB   Order Now    
Pill Box Reminder TT4-3 TT4-3-white-sml   Order Now    
VibraLITE MINI - 12 alarm vibrating watch TTW-VM VibraLITE-Mini-watch-model-VM-LBK Order Now Order Now    
BF01 Orientation Clock / Calendar
Product Model Image Allianz   Bright Sky Country Care
MedCenter Talking Clock TTC-MCTALK Clock720x480 Order Now   Order Now  
MedCenter Your Minder Recordable Clock TTC-MCREC YourMinder720x480 Order Now Order Now Order Now  
Power Adaptor for Medcenter Clocks MP3310 Switchmode-Plugpack-Power-Adaptor-_MP3310 Order Now Order Now    
VISO10 - Large Easy Read Memory Clock TTC-VISO10 TTC-VISO10-Large-Easy-Read-Alzheimers-Clock_front Order Now Order Now    
MemRabel-2 - Audiovisual  Clock TTC-MEMRABEL2


Order Now      
AA11 Door Bell with Signal Light (Hearing impaired appliance)
Product Model Image Allianz   Bright Sky County Care
Amplicall 1 door bell with AC50 Vibrating & Beeping Alerter for hearing impaired
DISCONTINUED - we have replaced the door bell with TT-VB2+1 , awaiting DVA/Allianz to update this item.  If you order TT-AC1-50B we will supply the new TT-VB2+1
TT-AC1-50B AC1AC50 Order Now      
 For any other TabTimer product not on contract, please read below and complete a Direct Order Form to obtain prior approval as detailed below.




Other products are available by making a prior approval request using a Direct Order Form as detailed below.

Prior Approval Process

What is RAP?

DVA – Rehabilitation Appliances Program (RAP) assists eligible persons to be as independent and self-reliant as possible in their own homes. The provision of aids and appliances is intended to minimise the impact of disabilities and maximise quality of life and independence.  RAP provides aids and appliances according to assessed clinical need. Eligible persons are assessed by an appropriately qualified health professional, usually an occupational therapist, GP, physiotherapist or registered nurse. Where appropriate, the health professional will also provide instruction in the use of the aid/appliance.  Items issued under RAP are generally designed specifically for people with an illness or disability.

Non-Schedule items

TabTimer products that are not listed as an available item on the DVA Schedule of Equipment can be obtained via a special application for a ‘non-Schedule item’.  One-off requests for non-Schedule items may be considered where an assessed clinical need cannot be adequately addressed by any current Schedule item.

Accessing RAP

Where an aid or appliance is assessed as clinically necessary the assessing health professional must complete a Direct Order Form (D0992).  Forward the form, along with a clinical justification, to TabTimer so we can prepare a quote and we will then forward the application to DVA Rehabilitation Appliance Program (RAP) who will then consider the application and if approved, will forward the order directly to TabTimer.

If you require a quote, you can contact TabTimer and request one, or send us your completed Direct Order Form -D0992 along with a clinical justification, and we will submit it to DVA for you with a copy of our quotation.  

Your justification should detail whether you have considered other products that are currently on contract with DVA and specify why the product is requested in place of other items available i.e. the items on contract do not have the features required for this veterans needs and requirements.


Please contact TabTimer if you require any further clarification or assistance.


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